Dakhil Mathematics Suggestion 202 & Question (A+ Target)

Dakhil examination is going to be held very soon. As we know from routine, this year dakhil exam will start from first February 2020. On this article I’m going to share with you Dakhil Mathematics Suggestion 2020 Examination With Question Pattern as well. I think it’s very important for all students.

dakhil math suggestion

Dakhil examination only for Bangladesh Madrasa Education board. This board is only for Muslim student who want to know Islamic studies as well as general. General books are same as school, Madrasa has some extra book also like Quran and Hadith ect. Math book is also same but there is deferent on question between Madrasa board and school board. But question pattern is same.

Math is a hard subject on both school and madrasa. Actually it’s not hard but students don’t understand math properly. That’s why they feel it’s very hard subject. For doing good result student has to understand math properly and practice regularly. Without practice students can not understand it correctly.

Dakhil Math Question Pattern 2020 Examination

Every year question pattern is not same. It is Changeable, sometimes Bangladesh education ministry changes the system of question. So every year student have to be careful about is there any change or not. Fortune for all students that this year question Pattern is not changed. Your final exam Math Question will be same as your test exam. It can be said that previous year’s question and this year’s question pattern will be same. So this is the another opportunity to students for practicing previous board question. I think no need to upload question beacouse you all have done your test examination. Your final exam will be exactly same format.

Question has two part, written and MCQ. Written is for 70 Marks. On this section you have to answer 7 question, each answer has 10 Marks. Multiple choice questions has total 30 market. You need to choice all of them for getting full result and at least 10 mark need to be pass on the MCQ. Otherwise you will be failed even if you got more than 33 on writing section. So you should fill up every circle carefully.

Dakhil Mathematics Suggestion For Examination 2020

As I said earlier, math is the hard subject on this stage. There is two math for Madrasa student, General Mathematics and higher math only for science group student. Suggestion can just help you to make your exam easy but for getting good result you have to practice text book properly. Text book is more important than all of suggestion and guide. I think you have already finished your taxt book completely.

On the below section I have included some images of the suggestion. Collect those one by one and practice regularly inshallah I will be get common on your final examination.

dakhil math suggestion 2020 part one
dakhil math suggestion 2020 part two
dakhil math suggestion 2020 part three
dakhil math suggestion 2020 part four
dakhil math suggestion 2020 part five

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion 2020

MCQ is the important part of the examination although it has less mark then writing. Beacouse it will be checked by OMR machine. If there is any wrong with answer and accident you get less than 10 mark you will be marked as failed. So on the examination hall don’t forget to check your MCQ form again and again. Here I have added some MCQ paper as well, hopefully it will help you in your upcoming examination.

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion-01

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion-02

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion-03

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion-04

Dakhil Math MCQ Suggestion-05

Dakhil Exam 2020 Mathematics Model Questions

Model Questions is very necessary for every student to prepare themselves for upcoming exam. It will give you a proper idea about how your question paper will be. You can also get mark distribution idea for those. Download model question from the below and practice one by one. If you face any problem feel free to share with us putting comment below, we will answer you with solution. Or take help a good student or from your class teacher. I hope those questions paper will help to make easy. Don’t forget to practice, only practice can make you perfect.

Model Questions-01

Model Questions-02

Model Questions-03

Model Questions-04

Don’t Try Dakhil Math Exam 2020 Question Out

Dakhil Math Exam is very important for all of examiner. That’s why some bad people will be attract you by saying this question will I be 100% common. Never follow their guide, it can be harmful for you. It’s not a sing of good student. Every good student do hard work for their examination and achieve their goal. So as a good student never believe them. This is totally illegal, so help out government by marking them. Hopefully you have understood.

That was the full article about dakhil mathematics suggestion and question pattern for upcoming examination. Hopefully every student found it as helpful for them. Please share this article on your timeline help your another friend by giving him this opportunity. Want to know more about it? Feel free to ask below or contact with us, we always respect your opinion. Thanks for visiting bongodiary regularly. 🙂

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