Alim ICT Suggestion 2020 (A+ Target)

Alim ICT suggestion 2020

Alim exam is going to be held very good this year. Students are waiting and taking preparation to make good result. Many of them looking for alim suggestion to make the preparation easy. In this article you will get Alim ICT Suggestion 2020. Hopefully it will help you.

Are you looking for alim exam suggestion for all subjects? You have came to the exact website. Here I have shared Alim suggestion for all subjects. Please check out my previous articles from the category. Ok this webpage I’m going to give you a well-researched suggestion for ICT subject.

Why ICT is an important subject?

In Bangladesh, ICT is one of the most important subject. We know that Bangladesh is improving with the technology. If you want to do something different, you should know ICT. It’s an essential part of behind the technology.

ICT is the short form of international communication technology. If you want join any department, ICT knowledge is the must needed. Besides, to make a good result in Alim exam, you have to do well in each subject. You may think that ICT is harder than others; that’s why I’m here.

Alim ICT Suggestion 2020

Suggestion is the most useful to make the preparation easy. Especially, when it comes to ICT. Students think that ICT is a hard subject. That’s why they ignore it. That is the reason behind the hard. If they don’t ignore and practice regularly. It’s would be easy like others.

On thing I always say that suggestion is not enough to get full marks. It can help you to make reading easy and keep yourself in practicing. If you want to make better result, you should practice main book more and more. After that, suggestion will work like question papers.

Alim Exam 2020 ICT Mark Distribution

Before the examination, it would be best if you know the mark distribution of each subject. On here you will know everything about ICT.

As we know that total marks of ICT is 100. It’s divided into three parts. MCQ, CQ and practical. MCQ has total of 25 questions; students have to choose right answer. Each has one mark. Total marks of MCQ is 25. CQ mean writing section. There you have answer five questions; each has 10 marks. Another section is practical. From the practical parts, you will get 25 marks. That is the calculation of hounded marks.

Alim ICT MCQ suggestion 2020

MCQ section is most important for the students. Because it will be checked by OMR machine. If you do any mistakes, there is no possibility to get marks. From 25 questions, you must answer 8 questions correctly. Otherwise you will be marked as failed. So you have to fill the answer sheet attentively and carefully. Here I have attached photos for ICT MCQ. Have a look at below.

Alim ICT Model Question 2020

On this section, I have included several model question for Alim ICT. It will give you a proper idea about upcoming examination. Don’t waste your time. Download those test papers from below and practice one by one. If you can’t find solutions, ask your teacher for help you out.

Never Try Alim Examination ICT Question Out

There are many bad people around us who make this confusion. Never believe such information. They are totally wrong. It’s not possible to out any question publicly. It’s the not sign of a good student waiting for question out. So, keep yourself far away from them and practice regularly as much as possible.


That is the final suggestion for ICT on Alim examination 2020. Hopefully, it will be helpful for every candidate such you. If you want to know more information about it, please comment below. We will update article regarding to your demand. Don’t forget to share with your classmates.

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