Alim Al-Fiqh 1st & 2nd Paper suggestion 2020

On this article we are going to give the alim Exam suggestion. This article will be a guide for the alim candidate specially who want alim Aqaid and Fiqh suggestion 2020. This suggestion is collected by all expert teacher. So it’s sure that it will definitely help you out and your question will be common inshallah.

Alim Al-Fiqh Suggestion 2020
Alim Al-Fiqh Suggestion 2020

If you are also a alim examiner of this year. This article is only for you, beacouse here we try to give you a complete suggestion about Aqaid and Fiqh subject. It’s a hard subject, actually not hard. Students don’t practice this subject regularly. For that it’s going to be hard. If you feel hard and looking for suggestions, move ahead with us.

What is Aqaid & Fiqh?

Before giving suggestion I would like to share with you, what we actually mean by this subject. Aqaid is the Arabic word that’s mean Faith, believe in Allah. So Aqaid is all about Faith and believe in Islam.

Fiqh is the rules and regulations of Islamic, which is needed in our daily lives life. It’s all about our life and daily work. We should moderate our life according to Islamic rules. On this time Fiqh is very much needed. Hope you have got some knowledge about it.

Alim Al Fiqh Question Pattern & Mark Distribution

The full mark of this subject is 100. It has divided into two section, short answer written and long writing section. Short section has 40 msarks, you have to write all of them correctly for full marks. Those short question will be: 12 from Aqaid part, again 12 from Fiqh part, from usul 08 short question and rest or 08 question from character part. If you calculate total question will be 40. Each has one mark.

Number two section is Compositional questions answer. It has total 60 marks. You have to answer six question from here. Six question will be: From Aqaid you need to answer one out of two question, From Fiqh part two answer out of three question, Usul Fiqh one answer out of three, from character one answer out of two question another on answer is from history of Fiqh part. It’s total six, each question has 10 marks. 60+40= 100. It’s the full mark distribution of Aqaid Subject.

After describing distribution I hope you have understood question pattern also. No need to mention it again. If you have to know follow the model question section or previous year question is also help you because there is no change in this year.

Alim Fiqh Suggestion (1st & 2nd Paper) 2020

This is the main part of today’s article, so collect your suggestion paper from below. After that practice it regularly and follow your text book. Hopefully you can achieve your goals very easily. Our suggestion is checked by many expert teacher. They have been teaching Aqaid for 8-10 year. So they are very experienced on this subject. You can take it as your final guideline. Here is the suggestion paper in jpg format.

Al Fiqh Short Question Suggestion for Alim 2020

Short section is very important and it’s also easy to increase your total mark. If you can can answer all of 40 short then it will help in your total mark, getting A+ on this subject will be easy task. That’s why I have included important short question list, download one by one and practice in your home. Inshallah you will get your reward.

Alim Fiqh Model Question 2020

This is our final suggestion on this subject. Now we are giving model question which is same as your final exam question. All of important question has included on this model question. Don’t forget to share share this question with your friends whose are your classmates. Here is our suggestion paper with model question.

So friends, this is the complete details about alim Aqaid and Fiqh Suggestion for 2020. Hopefully it helps you, If you have any problem to understand it feel free to share with us. We will try our best to make it more easy. Please share it in your Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for being with us.

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